Trauma Counseling

Trauma Counseling in Danvers MA

Trauma Counseling

Discover your authentic self.

I work with all kinds of trauma including complex trauma, physical trauma and developmental trauma.

I combine talk therapy with new cutting-edge treatment modalities.

talk therapy

All trauma is experienced in the body at a physical level first and then emotionally and cognitively. It is held at cellular level. If the trauma is not processed out of the body a person will still struggle with it.

Minimized activation
during the process

It is important to process a trauma memory in small doses. Otherwise, a person can be triggered and sometimes retraumatized.

Reduce amount of
time in therapy

Along with an organized approach to counseling and the use of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR time to process trauma events can be shorter.

Attunement and sensitivity
to a client's process

Trauma work can feel scary and difficult. Staying sensitive and attuned to a client’s state helps with pacing so the counselor is neither ahead nor behind the client.

Reduction of symptoms that
leads to complete relief

Once the trauma has been processed at all levels; physically, emotionally and cognitively the memories are likely to stay but the charge that created them has left.

Holistic inclusion of
all aspects of oneself

Every aspect of you is welcomed and included in therapy. There may be young parts of us that stayed young due to trauma or other things about us that we don’t want to acknowledge. Compassion and inclusion of your whole self is necessary for healing.